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114                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

&c., then mirth and wit, then dispute and argu-
ment. They are all violently in opposition to the
Directory, at least, to outward appearance. They
are concerned with the Press, and profess anti-
Jacobinism. The " Historien " is a clever, violent
publication, Bourgoign was envoy at the Hague,
and in Spain, where he wrote his travels. Forma-
lague is a great friend of Cottrau, who was to
have dined there, but was prevented. I find the
Directory have given him two adjoints to combat
poor me. I hope a plain tale will put them
down, however, I am glad they are in good
humour, for I was half afraid I had got too far
about Sir Sidney Smith. Everyone here dines
now at five o'clock.

November ijth, 1796.

I have been running about Paris just as
formerly. The beggars call me milord. How dull
—how gloomy Paris is 1 All its hurry and crowd
seem concentrated round the focus of this neigh-
bourhood. The rest of the town is deserted. The
Fauxbourg St. Germain can never recover.

I had been told by English republicans and
Americans, that wonderful things had been done,